We love Jamu!

We love Jamu so much that we make it on the regular. 

If you are not familiar with this drink, Jamu is the traditional Indonesian healing beverage.  In the ancient past, the health and beauty system of Jamu was preserved by the Royal families of Indonesia, whereas now it is mainstream in society. 

Turmeric is the main ingredient that gives the drink its beautiful yellow/orange color.  Turmeric is known around the world to be one of the most powerful healing herbs.  It is great for bones and joints and has anti-inflammatory properties while being a strong antioxidant.  In Hawaiian and Tahitian culture it is also used widely in cooking and traditional medicine. 

What we like to put in our Jamu is:

Fresh Turmeric root

Fresh Ginger root

Filtered water

Raw honey or coconut sugar

Lime juice

Black pepper or cinnamon



There is no way better to get a healthy buzz on than drinking a glass of fresh Jamu.  We look forward to making our favorite health elixir on our upcoming trip to Tahiti.

Xoxo Katie